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MCAHN Connect features content and offers contributed by our Associate members such as seminars, events and specials deals for our MCAHN network members. Read on to learn more about what our Associate members have to offer.

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SPECIAL BANKING OFFERS For Employers & Employees

Business Owner Benefits with SPECIAL BANKING OFFERS, Bonus deposit rates and MVP program for employees. Member Value Program with SPECIAL BANKING OFFERS, earn up to $200 with a new account *certain criteria applies. Special Rate Bonus/ Discounts.

1Awards want to help your business grow faster.

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Contact: Tina Molinaro
Phone: 905-536-5834

Quality Assurance of Electrical Products

In Canada, more and more electrical products are being imitated or salvaged and sold to unsuspecting customers. While these products are often less expensive, they can present long-term safety risks and have a negative impact on everyone involved in a project—from the manufacturer and the distributer, to the contractor and government body. That's why having proper quality assurance processes is so critical to avoiding hazards and potential accidents.

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Contact: Mauro Di Tullio
Phone: 800-361-0790 ext 3175

MCAHN Member Preferred Pricing!

Buy or lease and save through the 2021 Volume Incentive Program (VIP)

Contact Person: Claude Malette, National Fleet Operations FCA Canada Inc.
6500 Mississauga Road North
Mississauga, ON L5N 1A8
Phone: (905) 821-6091
Mobile: (905) 601-1009

COVID-19 Business Recovery Decision-Making Tool Kit:

Employers Return-to-work Strategies Following COVID-19:

COVID-19 Business Recovery and Return-to-Work Resources:

Contact: Nikki Laskin
Phone: 289-313-2630

Get Your Ducks In A Row! A 5-part Series For The Basics Of Adopting And Managing Information Technology

Companies are becoming more competitive by adopting information technologies. Yet more than 50% of IT projects fall short of expectations. How can your organization ensure the success of its next IT under-taking? Information technology is a product of science, but using IT effectively to increase efficiency, productivity and, profitability is truly an art.

This five-part series will give participants insights into trends and traps facing companies today, and best practice tips, tools, and techniques used to help IT implementations in small to mid-sized businesses.

Part 1 – To Be or Not To Be… Technology Driven
Part 2 – Doing IT Right!
Part 3 – Choosing Tech That Fits
Part 4 – Driving Innovation!
Part 5 – No Haystacks. No Needles, Either

Contact: Claudia Mamros
Phone: 905-499-3759 ext. 700

Brand 'NEW' HoldRite 703 In-Slab PEX Protector

The NEW HOLDRITE® 703 Series will be launching later this month! The 703 Series provides a protective recessed cavity in the upper portion of the concrete floor, providing a space for the protection of either one or two ½" PEX tubes (with ¾" protective corrugated tubing) or ¾" electrical conduits. Includes removable cover plate with "locator whiskers". Available in single and double runs with accessories.

Quick Facts:
Model # / Description / Bag Qty
703-SC / Single Slab Support with Cap / 20
703-DC / Double Slab Support with Cap / 20
703-SEC / Single Slab Extension Cap / 20
703-DEC / Double Slab Support Extension Cap / 20
703-EXT / 1.5" Tall Extension / 20
703-BBUL / 703 Blue Bullet / 25
703-RBUL / 703 Red Bullet / 25
703-RET / 703 PEX retainer Ring / 25

Spec Sheet:
Installation Video:
****A new video produced by HoldRite and SharkBite aims to encourage youth to consider a career in the plumbing trades. Launched to coincide with US-based Careers in Construction Month, this new video steps out of the typical corporate video culture and, instead, plays like a movie trailer video, complete with slick production values. Check it out here and be sure to share it.****

Due to COVID-19, it is imperative that RWC continues engaging with you to offer FREE online Product Training either one-on-one or in a group setting. This training is offered to anyone interested in learning more about RWC's HoldRite extensive product lines and how they can save your customers valuable time and money on the job and convert make-shift methods into engineered solutions!

Contact Person: Marcell Marshall, Product Trainer
Phone: 905-265-2783

Offering Curb side Pick up For All!

"Although 2020 was a hard year it had its upticks; it has made us more determined, stronger, and brought us closer together. We hope 2021 will turn out much better regardless of what challenges that lie ahead. Let's do this together, so please stay positive, keep smiling and keep yourself and everyone around you safe! Thank you."

Contact: Paul Prochowski
Phone: 647-231-4280

Bolstering the Balance Sheet

CPA's often miss this unless they work with a comprehensive team of Professionals. Find out how and why Canada’s wealthiest business owners are turning to permanent life insurance?
Web link:

Contact: Rick Mamros
Phone: 416-888-3564

MCA Ontario Update - Truncated NEER Issues - Unjust Enrichment and Detrimental Impacts

MCAHN MEMBER DISCOUNTS - Saving You Money Locally & Nationally!
This program is designed to save companies and individuals money, build new business relationships while increasing MCAHN membership benefits. ALL MCAHN and UA Local 67 members and employees receive a PREFERRED RATE, EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT or one time introductory offer on Associate Member/Industry Partner services.

CONTACT MCAHN To LEARN MORE Phone: 905.522.1965 E:

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